Bulletproof Backpack School Safety & Survival Pack

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Ideal for School, Home, Office, or Car ★

160 Square Inches
of Ballistic Coverage Area

Product Description:



Be prepared for any emergency with Bullet Blocker’s School Safety & Survival Pack. Each kit comes pre-loaded in one of our NIJ IIIA Defender Backpacks which acts as a durable, mobile carrying method and discreetly provides 160 square inches of ballistic protection. This survival pack contains an assortment of supplies including 151 of the most critical first aid and shelter-in-place items proven to enhance your response in an emergency situation. Given its practical, self-contained design, this kit can be used to augment the reaction plans for school lockdown procedures, home safety plans, or whenever sheltering in place is necessary. Preparedness is one of the most noted elements of surviving emergencies and violent incidents. 

This School Safety & Survival Pack comes with one backpack (A), one first aid kit (B), and one shelter-in-place supplies kit (C):

(A) Bullet Blocker NIJ IIIA Defender Backpack


  • Provides 160 square inches of ballistic protection.
  • Color Options: Purple, Navy, Black.
  • Capacity: 2750 Cubic Inches.
  • Conveniently stores both the first aid & shelter-in-place supplies kits in one place.
  • Space for additional items as needed.
  • Ballistics proudly 100% made in the United States of America.

(B) First Aid Kit 25 Person OSHA Approved Kit  

Kit Includes 109 Pieces:



(C) Shelter-In-Place Supplies Kit

Specially packaged to store safely for 5 years even in extreme temperatures and conditions.